Anna Cuttriss

Vulva Vessel

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Image of Vulva Vessel Image of Vulva Vessel Image of Vulva Vessel Image of Vulva Vessel Image of Vulva Vessel

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I think women’s bodies at incredible.

These are all about honouring the vag - in all shapes, sizes and varieties.

Just like yours, mine, and your mum's, each vulva is slightly different, with big flaps, little flaps, pubes or freshly waxed.

Each cup has a grey speckled matte finish and a glossy pink interior.

Although microwave and dishwasher friendly, these ladies will last longer with the gentle touch of hand-washing (but be careful of sharp edges!)

A quick note: I want acknowledge that not all those who identify as a woman have a vagina, and vise versa. These cups celebrate all ladies, in all bodies, with or without particular 'bits'.

Approx 9.5cmH x 8cmW. Sizes vary slightly.

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